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The Men’s Health Clinic has helped thousands of men eliminate symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) and restore the confidence they were lacking.

1 in 3 men suffer from sexual dysfunction. Thousands of men are unnecessarily suffering in silence. Having a problem is nothing to be ashamed of. Not doing anything about it is.



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, Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection. There are many different causes, but ED ultimately occurs when there is too little blood flow in and too much blood flow out.

Can ED be treated?

Yes, although each man differs and as such so does the required solution. ED may be reversed with a variety of very effective and affordable treatments, but many men are reluctant to seek help because of the embarrassment and stigma attached.

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Signs and symptoms of premature ejaculation (PE)

What is premature ejaculation (PE)? As many as 20% of men have experienced premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime.1 As the most common sexual dysfunctional condition befalling men, a lot of interest surrounds premature ejaculation (PE).  Nevertheless, there isn’t a single encompassing definition to describe the condition. The premature ejaculation definition changes quite

Erectile Dysfunction symptoms and causes

If you had it you kept it a secret. Less than 20 years ago almost nobody was talking about it. There was no such thing as erectile dysfunction experts (ED experts). You suffered in silence. But what exactly is erectile dysfunction (ED)? To put it simply erectile dysfunction or ED is when you have difficulty

What is normal ejaculation time?

Is your ejaculation normal? Your in your mid 30’s and you are yet to hear a girl tell you… “That was amazing!” It’s good while it lasts, but in the end you both usually feel underwhelmed. You want to ask someone a question that has been on your mind, but you are too embarrassed… “What